Safflower Oil

Carthamus Tinctorius from fresh oil mill bottling

The Safflower is an ancient medicinal and useful plant and known as a home remedy for all sorts of pains and diseases. Its origin is in Egypt. Today it is grown in larger style in India and South America.

Interestingly enough, the knowledge about the effect was widespread earlier. As a pretty crop in the garden, people used to know about the treasure they had. With the disappearance of the plant, the knowledge about their effect disappeared. The basketblood is used for calf wrap, head wrap, skin wrap or as a tea. However, most of the power is in the seeds from which the oil is made.

The effect comes mainly from the high content of natural linoleic acid (the highest of all vegetable oils ever). The content list reads like a "who's who" of the most useful ingredients: 78% unsaturated fatty acids, 10% saturated fat, plus a lot of vitamins - all of which makes safflower oil the healthiest vegetable oil ever. Most of the strength is in the seed. Safflower oil is used in personal care products. Its cell renewal and refatting properties are ideal for this application. Also, its positive properties for acne and morbid eczema have been confirmed.

Application areas:
Age complaints, headaches, skin irritations, circulatory disorders, seborrhoea and acne.

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