Schisandra [Wu Wei Zi]

from natural cultivation / China

Effect of the ingredients:

Keeps you young!

From the history is handed down that the berries of the Schisandra calm the heart and the spirit. Interestingly, this coincides with the latest scientific findings. In fact, an extract of this berry calms people, but without tiring them. In general, the berries of Schisandra are unique in botany. One of their names is Wu Wei Zi (Wu = five - berry of the five tastes), because the berries indeed act on all five taste phases. The berry tastes sweet and sour, but also bitter, salty and spicy. Chinese medicine assigns five elements to her - earth and fire, wood and water, also metal.

Already this variety of tastes stands for the exceptional qualities of the fruit. The use in traditional Chinese medicine is therefore very far-reaching. But what about the power of Schisandra? One thing is certain: it interferes with its effect where the cause of many diseases arises. The adaptogenic nature of the fruit's active ingredient cocktail helps to naturally balance hormones, thus improving the ability to deal with physical and mental stressors. Wu Wei Zi weakens the "stress hormone" cortisol, thereby altering its ability to withstand stress by suppressing the increase in phosphorylated stress-activated protein kinases that trigger inflammation. This results in many advantages: Without stress, it thinks better.

Without stress, the body can cope with illness more quickly. Cardiac arrhythmias, fatigue and stress-related sleep disorders are subsiding. The stomach and several digestive functions also run better without stress. And yes! Even in bed, it works better. Schisandra is equally an aphrodisiac for men and women, as it positively affects hormone production, including estrogen (a minor side effect is the prevention of hormone-related osteoporosis, which is more common in older women). An important aspect of the products of the Schisandra is the improvement of mental performance.

The intake of Schisandra is one of the oldest forms of application. Since "mental clarity" is almost vital in today's world to provide the ordered performance professionally, this aspect should not be underestimated. The people of Nanai in Eastern Russia swore by these abilities. Hunters, who often spent weeks without much rest and food, were able to sharpen their concentration with the Schisandra berries and naturally reduce their tiredness. This is what the ingredients of the Wu Wei Zi berry, which - unlike, for example, the caffeine in coffee - does not increase the stress hormones and blood sugar and triggers the known side effects concentration weakness, palpitations and sleep disorders. Schisandra calms down without getting tired.

A large part of the Schisandra fruit research is the effect on liver function. Obviously, Schisandra's agents contribute to liver detoxification. A study by Taichung Hospital in China showed that the administration of Schisandra berries increased enzyme production, improved blood circulation and improved digestion and metabolism. The antioxidants in the Schisandra fruit are the source of therapeutic, preventive and life-enhancing properties.

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