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Did you know that according to a study, every fourth fatal accident is caused by overwork?

Sleep is a very low priority in our society, although it is so important to many bodily functions. It seems that very few who work until late at night, watching a whole NETFLIX series or a computer game "just finish the game" to be aware of what they do to her body with it. Our society offers many possibilities to not allow our body enough sleep. This seems paradoxical, since modern man is demanded cognitively much. Actually everything is really easy. A person who sleeps satisfactorily (the best is 7-8 hours), can learn practically in sleep, because our brain creates "order" at night. In sleep you eat less (actually nothing), so sleep is the best diet. If you want to stay beautiful, you should sleep well, because sleep really gives us a better face. Be mentally balanced? Better organ and metabolic function? If you sleep enough, you are doing a lot right.

If you can rule out all the physical causes of a sleep disorder (sleep apnea, parasomnias, insomnia, restless leg syndrome), the factors that we can work on very easily remain. Well, against the stress at work or in the family, we can not do much ... or can we? It is a vicious circle because lack of sleep promotes depression and dampens our ability to cope with stress. It follows that we can not sleep at night and so it happens that we sleep more and more to little. With impressive sequelae and limitations: The mental flexibility decreases first. Great thinking works have never emerged in fatigue. Those who sleep too little for a long time are often irritable and moody. Also, illusions or personality disorders or even suicidal thoughts can join.

Totally healthy people show sleep symptoms with schizophrenic symptoms associated with hallucinations and delusions. In a 24-hour sleep deprivation, it was determined under the auspices of the University of Bonn that these are typical symptoms. The filter function in the brain, which separates important from unimportant, does not work anymore. Of course this leaves traces in the social environment and thus sleepless nights again. Then the body functions are extremely impaired: muscle tension, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, hormones - the entire metabolism is affected and gets confused. Stomach problems, cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure and early signs of aging are the result. The problems manifest real chronic diseases over time.

Sleep disorders are very common among over-60s - with the same consequences, of course. It is important that one realizes that too little sleep is harmful in the long term. That's why sleep should be worth a lot. Sleep in the dark, not too warm and calm. Switch off the TV in good time before going to bed, and do without the mobile phone in bed. Make a little ritual from bedtime and come to rest. The performance comes back quickly with sufficient sleep. Go on a search and find what calms you. Our sleep is very valuable and health to old age, has a lot to do with the right amount of sleep.



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